Welcome to the Scalespeeder Gaming DayZ Private Server Information Site!

If you prefer your DayZ experience to be more PvE than PvP, and you want to be able to build a base on Chernarus without fear of being shot in the back, check out the “DayZ Private Server” link above, where you’ll find the Server Rules, and how to join!

I currently offer 5 DayZ Private Servers, 2 each for Playstation & Xbox (Chernarus & Livonia) and 1 for PC (Chernarus).

Chernarus servers have simple quality of life improvements such as a little more food & drink, & a lot more building equipment. Livonia servers are vanilla, but with more building equipment.

All servers are PvE Player vs Environment only, so you can learn DayZ & explore the maps without fear of being killed by a fellow survivor. You’ve only got Bears, Wolves, Zombies, disease, accidents, starvation, dehydration and exposure to worry about…

Why Should I Join?

If you choose to join our DayZ Private Servers (see Server Rules & How To Join.) You’ll get: Access to exclusive password or whitelist protected DayZ Community Servers, for PC (Chernarus) and PS4 & Xbox (Chernarus & Livonia) where the community has committed to PvE (Player Vs Environment) only gameplay. (One price to access all,Continue reading “Why Should I Join?”

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